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Monday, February 03, 2014

Swimming pool safety and compliance

Did you know that the NSW government has established the NSW Swimming Pool Register? Tragically, every summer several toddlers and small children either die or are seriously injured in backyard swimming pools. If you own a backyard pool or spa, now is the time to ensure that it is as safe as it can be.

Use the pool safety checklists available on the NSW Swimming Pool Register website to inspect your own pool.

Is your pool safe? Pool safety is the responsibility of all pool owners – an unsafe or unsupervised pool can affect the whole community. Check that the gate self-closes from any position. Make sure there are not objects or trees near the pool barrier that would allow a small child to gain access to the pool. Check that you have a resuscitation chart visible in the pool area, and make sure you’ve discussed with your family what to do in the event that you need to use it.

All backyard pools and spas now need to be registered and assessed against relevant safety standards. The Swimming Pool Register includes safety checklists to assist pool owners to ensure their pool or spa is as safe as it can be.

Are you planning to sell or lease your property with a backyard pool or spa? From 29 April 2014, all properties with a pool or spa that are to be sold or leased require a swimming pool compliance certificate, issued by Council or an approved certifier. Contact your Council to find out more about your pool inspections.

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