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Monday, 19 December 2016

Tree and Vegetation Pruning or Removal

Provisions of the Hunters Hill Local Environmental Plan 2012 apply to the management or maintenance of existing trees and vegetation. Clause 5.9 requires that development consent or a permit is obtained from Hunter’s Hill Council before altering any “Prescribed Vegetation”.

Council’s list of “Prescribed Vegetation” is provided under clause 2.3.3 of its Consolidated Development Control Plan 2013. This clause is shown below.

The form to use for applications that only involve the pruning or removal of “Prescribed Vegetation” is provided via the below link and is called the Tree and Vegetation Management – Application Form. If you wish to prune or remove “Prescribed Vegetation” in conjunction with building works please use the "Standard Development Application" form.

There is a box to check at the top of the Tree and Vegetation Management – Application Form to indicate whether the application is a Development Application or a Permit Application. Prior to pruning or removing “Prescribed Vegetation” within a heritage conservation area or that is a hertiage item or forms part of a heritage item, a Development Application and consent is required. A Permit Application and approval is required prior to pruning or removing “Prescribed Vegetation” outside the conservation area. Conservation areas are shown on the Heritage Maps that are part of Hunters Hill Local Environmental Plan 2012.

Extract from Hunters Hill Consolidated Development Control Plan 2013


The following vegetation is prescribed by this Plan:

  1. Any vegetation which has a height of 4 metres or more.
  2. Any vegetation which has a stem diameter of 200mm or more, measured 1.4 metres above ground level (existing).
  3. Bushland or individual plants which are bushland remnants:

    1. On properties which adjoin Buffalo Creek Reserve or Boronia Park Reserve.

    2. Including species that are listed as rare, vulnerable or threatened according to the Commonwealth Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act, or the NSW Threatened Species Conservation Act.

  4. Vegetation on lands which are defined by the Hunters Hill LEP 2012 as having biodiversity or high biodiversity significance.
  5. Trees which are listed as a heritage item by the Hunters Hill LEP 2012.
  6. Trees which are listed by the Hunters Hill Significant Tree Register.

  7. Notes. Ground level (existing) is defined by the Hunters Hill LEP 2012.

    In this chapter, bushland is defined as vegetation which either is the remainder of natural vegetation upon the site, or vegetation which has been altered but remains representative of the site’s natural vegetation in terms of structure and floristics.

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