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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Parramatta River Coastal Zone Management Plan

Parramatta City Council has been leading a project involving several other Councils, State Government agencies, business and community groups to help develop a comprehensive plan for sustainably managing the environment of the Parramatta River Estuary. The River Estuary starts at the Ferry Wharf in Parramatta and ends just past Cockatoo Island, where the Estuary becomes Sydney Harbour.

The Parramatta River Estuary and surrounds are visited by thousands of people each day, with dozens of organised groups such as sailing and rowing clubs being based in the Estuary. In addition the Estuary is used by dozens of ferries every day and by hundreds of private boats on weekends, with thousands of homes having an outlook over the Estuary. Finally, the Parramatta River is the largest tributary of Sydney Harbour, so if you want a beautiful Harbour, then you need to ensure that the Parramatta River is in top environmental condition as well.

A plan for managing the environment of the Estuary, the “Parramatta River Estuary Coastal Zone Management Plan”, is now available and can be found at the link below or at http://www.parramattaestuary.com.au.

The Plan has now been certified by the Minister for Planning in accordance with Section 55G of the Coastal Protection Act 1979 and will soon be published in the NSW Government Gazette. You may view a hard copy upon request at Hunter's Hill Council.

Map of the Parramatta River Estuary
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