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Last Updated
Tuesday, October 02, 2018

Committees of Council


  • Art Exhibition Advisory Committee
  • Audit Risk and Improvement Committee (formerly Internal Audit Committee)
  • Children’s Services Committee
  • Environment Projects & Advisory Group
  • General Purpose Committee
  • Gladesville Mainstreet Committee
  • Hunters Hill Local Area Traffic Committee
  • Hunters Hill Village Mainstreet Committee
  • Joint Library Service Advisory Committee
  • Events Advisory Committee (formerly Moocooboola Festival Advisory Committee)
  • Property Advisory Committee
  • Floodplain Risk Management Advisory Committee

Advisory Groups

  • Access Advisory
  • Bushland Management Working Party
  • Community Safety Precinct Advisory
  • Conservation Advisory Panel
  • Financial & Strategic Planning Advisory
  • Hunters Hill Access Advisory
  • Public Transport & Traffic Advisory
  • School Principals Liaison Group
  • Seniors Advisory Group


  • Foreshores & Waterways Planning & Development Advisory
  • Hunters Hill Le Vésinet Friendship Committee
  • Joint Regional Planning Panel
  • Local Government Association Conference
  • Metropool Insurance Pool
  • Northern Sydney Regional Organisation Of Councils (Nsroc)
  • Parramatta River Catchment Group
  • RMS Consultative Forum
  • Sydney Harbour Councils
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