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Friday, 28 November 2008

Regional State of the Environment Report

The purpose of the State of the Environment report (SoE) is to provide the community with detailed information concerning the condition their local environment is in, what impacts and stresses have occurred, what is being done to mitigate, alleviate and manage those stresses and ultimately improve the environment in which we live.

As a corporate reporting responsibility of New South Wales under the Local Government Act 1993, the SoE is an important tool for communicating the responsibility and necessity for participatory and transparent environmental management amongst local councils and the community.

In recent years local councils in the northern Sydney region have combined to establish a consistent regional reporting framework and an appropriate set of common indicators for reporting across local government boundaries. The first regional NSROC SoE report was completed for the year 2005 and further comprehensive reports are required every four years.

Supplementary reports are produced in each intervening year to build on the data reported in the previous year.

To view the latest NSROC Regional SoE see the links below:

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