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Wednesday, August 22, 2018
A slim metalic rain water tank located next to a building.

Saving Water

Clean, fresh drinking water is one of our most precious limited resources. Our everyday actions impact the quality and amount of water available to us.

Existing urban water supply systems are continually under pressure from limited and highly variable rainfall. Our existing dam system cannot be relied upon to supply Sydney’s overall water needs, and there are growing community demands to increase environmental flows downstream of supply dams. As the urban population increases, it is imperative we make more efficient use of water.

New development and redevelopment has the potential to contribute to environmental sustainability by incorporating a variety of water efficiency measures - such as practicing water-wise gardening, using alternative water supplies such as rainwater and treated greywater systems, and covering swimming pools.

See the links below to see how you can help improve natural water quality and conserve water in Hunters Hill

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