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Wednesday, 6 August 2008
Solar Panels

Conserving Energy

Hunter's Hill Council is committed to working with the community and regional partners to conserve energy in order to meet its commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions in a response to climate change.

Council’s goal is to decrease energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions from Council operations and Community activity through a series of targeted and measurable outcomes and strategies over the long and short term.

Council is implementing a four-point reduction hierarchy as a means to identify actions that consider economic, social and environmental implications:

  • AVOID – decrease energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions through behaviour change
  • EFFICIENCY - decrease energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions through efficient technology replacement
  • RENEWABLES - decrease energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions through sustainable energy source substitution
  • OFFSETS - decrease energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions through offsets
  • 57% from Black Coal
  • 25% from Brown Coal
  • 12% from Natural gas
  • 6% from Hydro

Where Does my Energy Come From?

Energy is delivered to households, businesses, industry and other sectors via an Energy Supply Chain. The energy supply chain is split into two major supply components, an electricity supply chain and a natural gas supply chain.

The electricity supply chain involves electricity generation from power stations, a supply network to transport power to customers and electricity retailers who sell packaged network transmission and distribution services.

The electricity supply network consists of 884,000 kilometres of wires and circuits and 9.68 million electricity connections that enable the transmission and distribution of electricity nationwide.

The electricity supplied to your home is generated from a number of sources. In 2006/07 the total amount of electricity generated for consumption was 226,600 GWh derived from the following sources:

For more information on electricity and natural gas generation and supply, visit the website of the Energy Supply Association of Australia below.

ClimateClever Shop

ClimateClever Shop is a joint initiative of Willoughby City Council, North Sydney Council, Lane Cove Council, Ku-ring-gai Council and Hunters Hill Council. Our goal is to help residents install systems in their homes to reduce energy and potable water consumption. The ClimateClever Shop provides links to local suppliers of rainwater tanks, solar hot water heating solutions, heat pumps photovoltaic (PV) systems and GreenPower products. A discount will be provided when you mention the ClimateClever Shop website. The website can be found at ClimateCleverShop.com.au.

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