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Friday, June 01, 2018

Animal Registration

Animal Registration

The Companion Animals Act 1998, requires dogs and cats born or acquired after 1 July 1999, should comply with the permanent identification and lifetime registration laws. The animal must first be microchipped at the vet, RSPCA or pet shop. It is an offence to sell an animal that has not been microchipped.

To Register

To register your animal, you can come along to council with the microchipping details, a certificate to verify desexing (if you have had your pet desexed) and the registration fee. You can pay by cash, cheque or credit card. These fees are for the lifetime of the animal anywhere in NSW.

Registration Fees

The Division of Local Government provide extensive information on the processes and fees involved in registering your Companion Animal. Refer to their page about Microchipping and Registering your cat or dog.

Change of Registration Details

It is the responsibility of the present owner to notify any changes of address or if the animal is sold or given to a new owner. Any changes must be made on the specific form that is available from Council's customer service counter or at the Companion Animals webpage, linked below.

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