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Friday, February 19, 2016

Waste & Recycling Collection

Hunter’s Hill Council provides several waste and recycling collection services across the municipality. The services are managed by Council, either through the Waste Collection Contractor, United Resource Management or through Council operations out of its Depot.

For Missed Services, Repairs please call 1300 136 460. For On-Call Household Clean-ups please call 1300 136 460 or book online using the link below.

The services provided include the collection of waste and recycling refuse from the following areas:

  • Residential Dwellings (Single Unit & Multi-Unit Dwellings)
  • Commercial Premises
  • Parks and Open Spaces
  • Roadside Public Place Collections (Gladesville Shops, Boronia Park Shops, Hunters Hill Shops, Woolwich Shops)

Residential Dwellings

Council provides waste and recycling collection services to more than 4,700 residential dwellings either weekly, monthly or biannually. The service consists of a weekly general waste collection and a weekly recycling collection for alternating weeks of paper and container and vegetation recycling respectively.

A general household clean-up service is provided on an ON-CALL basis twice per financial year for each household, with restrictions on what can be placed out for collection. To book a clean-up service please call 1300 136 460.

For missed services or damaged bins call 1300 136 460

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