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Thursday, May 23, 2019
The view from Kellys Bush


What is HarbourCare?

HarbourCare is a volunteer program whereby local residents collect rubbish from along the Parramatta and Lane Cove River foreshores in the Hunters Hill Local Government Area.

Council knows that there are many local residents who are already collecting rubbish on their own as they walk the dog or bushwalk and we would love to acknowledge these people, so please become a HarbourCare Volunteer.

How to volunteer

Sign up to HarbourCare and volunteer to collect litter at a site near you. It's as easy as keeping an eye out for litter while on your daily walk, walking the dog, or joining a group pick up day. You can sign up for as little as a week, month, year or more – it's up to you.

Who can volunteer?

Anybody between the age of 18 and 90 will be covered by Council’s Public Liability Insurance. Under 18s can take part, but should be supervised by a responsible adult.

Other requirements

HarbourCare Volunteers are asked to keep a record of how much they collect, the date and location. Data is important to evaluate the program and to attract government funding that can be used for education programs to lessen the rubbish being discarded. Records should be emailed to Council at bushcare@huntershill.nsw.gov.au.

What support will Council offer

To aid collecting rubbish, Council provides volunteers with safety equipment such as gloves, eye protection and other equipment and assistance with rubbish collection if required.

Volunteers are given work safety information so that they can avoid injury, but in the event of accidental injury they are covered by Council’s Public Liability Insurance.

Council will send occasional emails to volunteers when necessary. For more information about becoming a volunteer, contact the Bushland Management Team on 9879 9400 or email bushcare@huntershill.nsw.gov.au

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