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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Exhibition of Draft Section 94A Developer Contributions Plan 2014

On Monday 8 September 2014, Council resolved to exhibit the Draft Hunters Hill Council Section 94A Developer Contributions Plan 2014.

Council first Section 94A Development Contributions Plan (s94A) came into effect on 31 August 2011. This plan was adopted to assist Council to maintain and improve the standard of its community infrastructure.

A s94A Development Contributions Plan provides the framework for levying contributions and provides a work schedule for the community infrastructure Council will fund with the contributions it receives. It is a statutory obligation that Council review its Contribution Plan on a periodic basis to ensure that the community infrastructure it is funding aligns with the needs of its community.

Hunter’s Hill Community Strategic Plan 2030 was developed in close collaboration with residents. This plan articulates a common vision and aspirations as well as defines priorities. This plan guided the review of the draft S94a Plan along with Council’s operational and management plans and the latest Hunters Hill population and housing growth projections.

The draft 5-year work schedule included in the plan prioritises improving the public domain in our commercial hubs as this will benefit all residents of Hunters Hill. Additionally, developer levies will be used to preserve, maintain and enhance recreation areas and reserves that define Hunter’s Hill as Australia’s oldest garden suburb.

The revised draft S94a Plan will be exhibited for 28 days giving Hunters Hill residents an opportunity to make comments on the draft Plan and the 5-year work schedule.

Please note submissions will be received until 4:00PM on Tuesday 21 October 2014. Submissions must be addressed to the General Manager and please include in the subject line “Submission on Draft s94A Plan”. Submissions may be emailed or posted to:

General Manager
Mr Barry Smith
Hunter’s Hill Council
PO Box 21
Hunters Hill 2110

We look forward to hearing from you.

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