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Monday, 10 August 2015

DA Process

A Development Application (DA) is required for all 'development' in the Municipality of Hunters Hill.

Please note that during the Christmas and New Year period, Council will not be notifying proposed developments (development applications) to adjoining neighbours.

It should be noted that Council will be closing the exhibition notification period of applications from Friday 14 December 2007 (at the close of business) and notifications will re-commence on Monday 21 January 2008. This also relates to advertisements in the local paper for large developments.

Why do I need to lodge a DA?

Under The Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979, 'development' is defined as:

· the use of land;

· the subdivision of land;

· the erection of a building;

· the carrying out of work;

· the demolition; or

· any other matter controlled by an environmental planning instrument.

To obtain development consent, you must lodge a Development Application with Hunters Hill Council.

Some minor development, called Exempt Development, does not require consent. Another type of development, called Complying Development, requires a Complying Development Certificate prior to commencing the use and may be issued by either Council or a private certifier. The relevant controls can be found in Councils Development Control Plans.

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