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Tuesday, August 13, 2013
Betts Park Bushland

Tree and Vegetation Management

Trees are of vital importance in improving the visual quality of an area. The predominance of tree cover both in bushland and urban areas forms an integral part of the character of Hunters Hill.

Trees play an important part in maintaining the health of our lands and our living environment. Trees breathe, grow and reproduce, protect soil and water supplies, and provide habitat for wildlife. Indigenous trees (and also many introduced species) provide food, shelter and protection from predators for many birds, animals and insect species. Many of these rely on trees for their continued breeding and survival. Trees in urban areas also act as extensions and links between core bushland, as bushland corridors.

Trees also reduce the effects of sunlight, summer heat, reflection, pollution, humidity, wind, glare, refraction and noise. Trees act as the "lungs of the earth", taking in carbon dioxide and producing oxygen, thus filtering the air, and significantly reducing airborne pollution.

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